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Unless you like the idea of setting up formal black-and-white, smileless portraits for the retro chic factor, you are probably looking for natural yet spectacularly composed photos & videos, which together capture the real essence of you & your wedding. Yes, it is right, together – it is essential for the pictures and videos to function as a combo to get best shots. Take a look at our favorite photo & video tips & trends.

Give a Personality Test

You have flipped through tons of advertisements; you may have looked at online proofs. There are innumerable incredibly talented photographers & videographers out there in the world. But, how do you decide on the one? The professional’s artistic style along with your budget will serve as the driving forces behind the selection process. When you meet the persons, ask them a lot of questions. Inquire about an overall philosophy, specialty, flexibility, and experience to see if their vision meshes with your own. Another important factor is to check whether you and your fiance are comfortable around this person.

Set a Sound Schedule

The most important component of a photo and video package is the number of hours that your photographer/ videographer commits being with you on your special day. It may usually be between two and ten, sometimes even unlimited. You decide when the clock has to start, whether in the morning when you are starting to get ready or just before the ceremony.

Find a Great Backdrop

Plenty of ways can help your photographer & videographer record personalized portraits. Initially, use your environment. After all, there is probably a better reason you chose to marry here. Scoping out the attractive settings will help in creating a colorful & playful palette. Do not be concerned if the backdrop is not perfect, remember, you are capturing real moments in your real life.

Do Not Say Cheese

If you are leaning towards a photojournalistic approach, your photographer & videographer will be captivated to whatever you were doing. It is because they are trying to capture the real spirit of your auspicious day, not an artificial smile. For the portraits, where posing is a necessity, figure out different ways in which you can get the shots but without having your wedding party all lined up looking unnatural, uncomfortable and stiff.

Be Wary Of Special Effects

If you wish to have special effects such as infrared film, handmade wedding albums, sepia-tone prints, star filters, voiceovers, then make sure you see examples of the photographer & videographer’s technique. Only if you are impressed with their mastery of techniques and feel confident that they would not overdo it, then go for it. These extras have the ability to turn a traditional image into an inventive one and spice up a standard video, because; it is a memory worth preserving!