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Video makes an incredible aid for teaching. An educational video strategy can be a great help to the students and the educators alike. But, a disadvantage is at the same time, the present world also contributes difficulties and dangers. Let us consider the best way for the educators in making use of educational video. Although, the options may seem bewildering, choosing among them is possibly based on the upsides and downsides.


It may be tempting to go via the simple & obvious route of posting school videos on youtube. Since, students are already familiar with youtube, they can easily access the videos posted there. But, the problem with youtube & similar video hosting platforms is the flip side of their benefits. These are public services, and therefore anyone can access the videos. Security and privacy are low to nonexistent. Another disadvantage is that uploading a video in youtube means you sign over the rights to it.

What Is Your Goal?

Which of these mentioned below is better for you depends on your goals & objectives. Several questions need to be answered regarding the videos, including:

  • Do you want to have unlimited exposure to the videos?
  • How long should the videos be accessible? Any limited time, or indefinitely?
  • Is it necessary to protect the privacy of those involved?
  • Should the access to the videos be restricted to only authorized parties?
  • Should it be possible to reshare the videos on social media sites such as Facebook?
  • Who will be watching it?

The answers to these questions will deduce whether it makes sense to make use of a white-label video hosting platform.

White Label Hosting

The term “white label” in the financial world refers to a product/item repackaged by a company that is other than the one that made it. In the video hosting context, it means that your videos are displayed without any other brand identification except your own. By using a white label platform, you can create a “campus youtube” where students and educators can post videos that are accessible only by their peers and not by the general public. This may be a better option depending on your goals. As a rule, white label platforms are secure than public ones like youtube. It is possible to exclude unauthorized parties. But there is only one downside in using a white label service: it is not free. The rate is reasonable, but youtube offers free video hosting.

Have An Educational Video Strategy

The primary thing that educational institutions and educators need to do is to plan carefully. Ask yourself the questions mentioned above before you take action. Think twice about the options you have, & consider which one will meet your needs. The video is one of the powerful tools for education but deserves careful planning before you use it.