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There is already a ton of individuals and companies, which have started live video streaming. Do not let the benefits of broadcasting a live video pass you. Increase your video viewers by live broadcasting your events. So here are the five reasons why you should talk about streaming live video.

Reason 1: Timeliness of Your Event

Just as watching the night news to catch up all the day’s events, streaming live is the most up-to-date information available. It is also one of the growing industries and is on the way to reach its peak. Since the live events & videos are so desirable, live broadcast of yours is a lot more valuable to the viewers than a video on demand.

Reason 2: Cost Efficient

The cost of live streaming is affordable, since the advancements of cameras, storage and distributing bandwidth. The live streaming pricing continues to drop, thereby, providing an opportunity for more businesses and individuals to broadcast. In addition, the cost of producing live video of high quality now is a fraction of the amount it once was. Also, the content delivery now over the internet comes with a very small price tag compared to television.

Reason 3: More Audience Engagement

Mostly, live contents garner much more engagement than videos on demand content. Not only the viewers are more interested, but also it is easier to interact with them in a live stream. With social medias, for instance, you post your picture and have to wait for someone to see it and interact with it. But, it is the complete opposite with live. Your viewers digest everything you say and do right there in real time.

Reason 4: It Is Simple

Live streaming has become easier over the past decade since the streaming equipment prices have become less expensive. Additionally, streaming service platforms are, at present, bundling bandwidth, cloud computing & even cdns (content delivery networks). This gives fresh broadcasters less to get upset about as they figure out themselves in the broadcasting world.

Reason 5: Reach Your Target/ Specific Audience

In business, it is necessary for a company’s message to reach their intended audience. Because of other forms of broadcasting, such as tv, there is no guarantee that you reach your target/ specific audience. If you go in the route of the video on demand (vod), there is a chance that your audience have already acquired the information your broadcasting.


Now that we have covered the top five reasons why you should be talking about live streaming video, it is time to act. Start live streaming your events. It is a significant way to build recognition for your business / spread the word on your favorite activity or hobby. Remember, it can be applied in all aspects of education, business, and entertainment.

Once an expensive endeavor, live streaming videos has become one of the most inexpensive and efficient ways to send out information. Using a platform of streaming service is the best way to get broadcasts of professional quality. You do not have to look far to arrive at a professional streaming service that loaded with unique features and cost friendly.