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Are you struggling to attract viewers on your live streams? Or are you tired of your live streaming materials going to waste?
This article will guide you so that your next live broadcast can stand out driving more viewers to your content. Here are six exciting ways to increase the viewership on your next live event broadcast.


Interaction is the most important aspect of increasing your viewership. By interacting & engaging your audience, you are providing them a unique and memorable experience. This secret goes unnoticed way too much in the world of broadcasting. Your viewers are interested not only in learning about presentation but also about yourself. Question and answers are one of the great ways to interact with your audience.


Consistency is key while growing your fan base. You should pick a day and time that you are going to stick. Being on time is another important aspect of consistency. You must be ready and online at least 10- 15 minutes before your scheduled time. This is to ensure that no one who arrives early to the stream will leave because there is an empty/ blank screen. You can utilize this time to make final adjustments and even check that everything is working.


Social media is the perfect way to promote your live stream on social platforms. Make sure that you plan your event months in advance so that you can announce it two months in advance if it is a big event. Updating the viewers on twitter and Facebook will ensure that they are informed about the place, time, and the theme of the event.

Right Equipment

Poor quality video is the first thing that will deter your current & even future viewers. If they have to put up with low-quality video, poor audio accompanied by buffering issues, then they will not stick around long. Also, you will not be gaining any new viewers. Therefore, reliable equipment is going to be crucial.

Choosing An Event

If you do not live stream regularly but want to develop your viewership, then, take a closer look at the event you would wish to broadcast. You must make your event be unique and stand out, so that it can capture the attention of viewers. Therefore, your goal is to find something that is interesting enough and unique to break the routine of viewers & get them to watch.

Offer on-demand post-broadcast

Do you think that once the camera is turned off your job is complete? The answer is no. This is where you gain viewers and followers. By uploading any video on demand content, your get your viewers to watch any of your previous videos with ease. It can be a crucial step in constructing a fan base as new viewers can catch up easily and get to know your materials.