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What Is The Best Camera For Live Streaming?

Live streaming cameras vary widely in price, quality, and the point how they connect to your system. There are several kinds of camera for this purpose. Some devices are more user-friendly than others, while some are more flexible than others, whereas some provide a higher quality image compared to others. Let us start with the most basic & inexpensive one and work our way up.


The webcams are cameras that are connected to the internet via the computer. It is either in-built in the computers or may be a separate item that can be connected to the computer USB. It does not have its own IP address or internet connection. Therefore, a computer is required to connect to the network and process the picture into a form that can be streamed. Its advantages include the controls being simple, and no capture card is required. But it cannot store the images and cannot function if not connected to a computer/ laptop. Although some models come with built-in microphones, the sound quality is not much appreciated. If you just need to embed a video of a lecture or conference to provide information to viewers, in such case, webcams will provide all the power you need.

IP Cameras

Each IP camera has an IP address & its own ability to link to the internet. Although, using IP camera is a more complicated than webcams, it is much more versatile. It has a wireless connection, therefore it can be positioned anywhere you need them. Since many IP cameras include POE (Power Over Ethernet), you can run them 24/7. This advantage makes them ideal for video streaming a concert or other performances where you will need multiple perspectives and similar functions. The disadvantages are it requires an encoder. It is due to the factor that the protocol used in most IP cameras is not suitable for live streaming.

Professional-Quality Cameras

The most expensive choice is using a professional-quality HDMI/SDI output camera. In addition to the expense of the camera itself, it also requires a capture card to facilitate the use of camera for live streaming. This type offers more flexibility & power than the other options. You can change & upgrade lenses, zoom in and out, use wide-angle focus, and even do all the things you expect from a professional camera. The only downside is the cost. A high-quality HDMI camera will cost you at least $600 to $700 while the top of the line HD-SDI cameras may cost in thousands


The type of camera you need to choose depends on what you want to stream. For some simple purposes, a simple webcam work just fine. In such cases, capture card, professional cameras, and accompanying software are an unnecessary expense. Therefore, think twice before you select the camera to reduce the expenses.