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Weddings are an amazing affairs nowadays with the kind of new trend coming in from the west and the fusion of these two cultures has given birth to a phenomenal happening called live marriages. Initially, the weddings were captured in the analogue cameras making it a costly affair. Then came the digital media and videography found its way inside the marriage halls and now there are DSLRs all around for the pictures as well as videography in the marriages.

A whole new level of this technology is the live streaming for marriages which is very interesting and affordable at the same time. The people who are unable to come to the wedding due to various reasons can now see your wedding live and at cheap rates which are obviously affordable!

How does this work?

The wedding is shot using a handy cam or a film camera. And connections are made to the Internet portals and the feeding is opened up for the users to log in and watch you take one of the best steps forward in life. The live streaming for marriage is not interrupted by rain as because everything is done by computer professionals who know how to deal with any type of problem.

Can you provide your own photographer or videographer?

Of course! You can hire videographers and photographers and they can stream it live if you want. The charges are as applicable and you get the very same streaming as well. The video quality might differ from person to person, but the streaming is done in 480p, 720p and 1080p for the generalization of the video content.

Does internet quality have anything to do with it?

No, not really! With any decent internet connection, you would be able to watch the wedding without any sort of interruptions. The streaming technology these professionals make use of speeds up any network up to 2 times, thus making the streaming amazingly perfect and quick and you don’t have to wait for buffering or anything of that sort.

With time, the technologies have changed a lot in the last two decades and now we can watch somebody getting married or we can make them watch our marriage that too who are in a distance place. There have been many situations where some of our relatives and friends couldn’t attend our weddings due to problems and this is the solution to all these potholes in the sacred ceremony of love called marriage.

So what just have to do is to contact a professional but make sure that enough research has been done before you hire him or her. These professionals can be appointed online as well. There are several websites, which provide similar kind of services. You can compare and contrast their features, benefits, prices and so on so that you can decide on the best for yourself.