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Live Streaming Services in India is one of the most important aspects nowadays. More than 70% of internet traffic has been caused by the video streaming services in India. Streaming services in India has been estimated to be one of the most forms of communication. It has been on the rise as more people are looking forward to stream their information or find other online information.

Live Streaming services in India – important aspects

Live Streaming services in India has an important aspect to be noted – Security. Many security risks are being faced day by day in online live streaming and on-demand video streaming.

   The following are few reasons why streaming services in India need to concentrate on security:

  • Live Streaming Services in India that are for corporate may contain a lot of sensitive data that needs to be protected in a proper way.
  • The intellectual property of streaming service platforms need to be protected rightly too.
  • Live Streaming services in India that are for the Government also needs to be kept on safer grounds in order to prevent abuse of those platforms.

 In order to protect the Streaming Services in India, many aspects of the system need to be considered and those systems need to be checked for vulnerabilities so that a safer experience can be provided for all the users.

Live Streaming Services in India – important features for Security

The following are the important features to check for security of Streaming Services in India:

  • Limitations on Content

Live Streaming Services in India has features that restricts or limits the contents based on few parameters. Few of the ways that implement restriction over the content are – a) the restriction of the domain and

b) the geographical restriction

     The domain restriction helps to prevent the access to the contents based on the domain of the website. Whereas the geographical restriction helps prevent the access to content to certain regions or geographical areas. The restriction on the contents are an important aspect of securing the data provided by Streaming Services in India since they help prevent unwarranted access to the content on the online video platform.

  • Protection of Password

Live Streaming Services in India has a main feature that is the protection of the password, which is in fact a basic factor to protect in all platforms. The protection of the password is a feature that allows one to protect the contents with a password so that only people who are aware of the password can access all the features and original contents of a video streaming platform.

 Live Streaming Services in India require selection of strong passwords so that it becomes difficult for a hacker to access the contents just by guessing the right password. Anyway protecting the content or information only by a password protection does not do all the right things for security. There are many other aspects as well for security.

  • Protection of Paywall

Live Streaming Services in India are mostly monetized for security reasons. Most of the streaming services use advertising methods as well as extra charging for proper access to the video contents.

 Live Streaming Services in India hence provides a Paywall Protection feature that allows only paid users to access the videos rather than the content being open for all users, where there is potential threat for security. Some open video platforms like You Tube also monetize their content by advertising their videos online.

  • Token Authorization Method

Live Streaming Services in India have a protocol for streaming videos on the internet which has a concept called Tokens. The Tokens are usually bits of information that are used to identify who is accessing the video stream.

 The Token Authorization method is one of the best ways to keep the streaming secured, because it always verifies and then allows the video streaming access only to proper authorized people. This method is called as Token Authorization System as tokens are only used to verify the people who access the video stream.

  • AES Video Encryption

Live Streaming Services in India uses the AES Video Encryption method (AES – Advanced Encryption Standard). AES is a standard encryption protocol that is used to transfer sensitive information or data over the internet.

Live Streaming Services in India allows the data to be constantly jumbled or broken into small parts using an encryption key, when the video is streaming from the server. This encryption key can be decoded by the receiver only if the receiver has the encryption key, hence creating a secure connection between the video streamer and the user.

LIve  Streaming Services in India provides AES Video Encryption to most of the streaming platforms so that the connection between streaming server and the receiving viewer is highly secured, hence preventing unauthorized access to the contents of the platform streamed.


Security is the key in today’s Internet world

Streaming Services in India considers that Security is the keyword in today’s internet world. Hence an end-to-end secured platform only offers a proper video streaming service in India. The security features should be on the top of the list when it comes to online live streaming.