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Are you still on the fence about implementing video live streaming services in your life? This article, full of facts & pivotal information, will explain the reason why live streaming is the distributing media future.

Global Connectivity

Physical and geographic barriers prevent the majority of viewers from attending live events. But, live streaming helps people from all over the world in participating in the event. Since more & more people connect on a global scale every day, information is consumed & shared quickly.

Improvement of Life

As the internet is continuing to grow, connecting interests and ideas has become easier. The first thing most of the people do now when they have a problem is to google it. Using live streaming, they have been able to move their problem solving to the next level. Individuals can use their skills/ experience they have learned and set up live tutorials or how-to’s to teach people. The reason for live streaming being the best solution here, and not VOD (video on demand), is because of the engagement of the audience. A live broadcast provides several ways to interact with your viewers. They can ask any questions and can get their answers right away. This can even get you immediate feedback about your broadcast and what things to improve on for next time!

Unforgettable Moments

In situations, where you or your family members cannot make it to special occasions, live streaming comes in as a helping hand. Graduations, ceremonies, weddings, and unique projects are some of the many events that can be live streamed. Special moments as such should have everyone involved & physical barriers should not prevent you from experiencing those moments.

Environmentally Friendly

Live streaming is not only a fun and productive activity but also a smart one. Live streaming is more environmentally friendly than watching DVD. This is because one hour of streaming uses 7.9 megajoules of energy emitting 0.4 kilograms of Co2, while, watching a DVD uses 12 megajoules emitting 0.71 kilograms of Co2. The facts presented here make a very compelling point as to why live streaming is the future of delivering media.

Reduce Operational Costs

Live streaming services have become incredibly affordable. At present, streaming service platforms are bundling bandwidth, storage and CDN (content delivery networks) into one price. These streaming services are also loaded with distinctive features that will add value to your streams.


Live streaming provides opportunities for several things that were not possible a short time ago. With the technology advancements, live streaming services have continued to decrease in price. Now anyone starting from individuals who are looking to show their skill to professionals who make living in live streaming can benefit from live stream. People have started using live streaming as a means of communication, entertainment, teaching, and improving efficiency.