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Live streaming is the broadcasting of audios and videos live from the location of a happening event. Generally, a live streaming is done for events such as weddings, birthday parties, betrothal, anniversary celebrations, school functions, college functions, sports events, funerals, etc.

Purpose of a live streaming

Live streaming is done across the globe around all countries and states. Mainly live streaming is done in places with good network coverage, because internet or data is the main source of viewing and broadcasting a live streamed event. The main purpose of live streaming is to make people see and feel an event or function lively even in their absence at the event or function.

People across the globe opt for live streaming because of various advantages. Some of which are, one can have a clear picture of what happened at an event even in their absence. Also,people opt for live streaming in situations when they can’t make it to the venue due to distance. For example, a family has been invited for a wedding during the month end at a quite distant place and they have other engagements that time, then they can opt for live streaming method.

Tools of live streaming

Live streaming can be done through various tools. Based on the accessibility people choose the tools.

    The following are some of the well known live streaming tools used widely :

*You Tube Live

*Facebook Live



*Open Broadcasting Software (OBS)

*XSplit Free

You Tube Live

Live Streaming of an event or function can be done through You Tube. You Tube seems to be a very important tool for various such things. You TubeLive is free for use across Google and You Tube users. Most of the people choose live streaming via You Tube because it is an easily accessible application tool available readily on Mobile phones, Laptop and Desktop. Just that the live streaming service provider needs to share the You Tube link to open the live streaming.

Facebook Live

Live Streaming is done easily through another important application Facebook. Facebook is a widely used application around the world in many countries.Live streaming on the Facebook app is an easier option since many people use this application. One can follow up any live streamed event easily through Facebook application. Just that one needs to have a Facebook account. Even normal mobile users can use the Facebook app and capture live videos or audios and live stream across the world. Facebook seems to be the easiest application for a live streaming.


Live streaming can be done through Live, which is a multi camera streaming method. Live application works over various platforms like Windows and iOS. While applications like Facebook and YouTube livestreaming are offered freely, Live’s streaming is a paid method.Live application is always good for broadcasters who stream a single event over multiple channels, instead of running many live streamed events.

YouNow Live

Live streaming is done through another important application or tool YouNow. YouNow is an application on which one can watch a live stream and find the best broadcasters around. YouNow has another good advantage where we can video chat live from people around the world. The broadcasters can also live stream and go live in order to connect with their channel audience. YouNow application has been developed mainly to target youngsters. It is a free app for your PC (Personal computer), iPhone, iPad, Android, iPod and Tablet. Live streaming on YouNow brings a huge exposure to the younger crowd through handheld capabilities on your tablets or smartphones. Broadcasting an event using YouNow is very simple.  The broadcasters should first set up a hashtag, add the video and audio recording, share it. At last they should Go live on You Now.

XSplit Free

Live streaming can be done through XSplit software for free. XSplit is used for live streaming and video gameplay. The two versions of XSplit are a Broadcaster a Gamecaster. XSplit provides various offers for free itself instead of the paid option which is costly. XSplit Free option provides offers which includes everything one needs to set up a live streaming in HD (High Definition) itself. XSplit is the right application for people who are managing events, with the usage of tools in order to clear their old video and audio recordings.

Open Broadcasting Software

 Live Streaming can also be done through and viewed using Open Broadcasting Software (OBS). OBS is an open source and free software tool used for recording videos or audios and live streaming. With OBS one can easily download and stream faster on Mac OS, Windows or Linus Operating Systems.