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Whether you are attempting a first ascent of a mountain or heading out for a stroll through the park, or want to record your outdoor activities for posterity, the first thing you need to know is the best technique that has to be used. Here are some of the best techniques on how to make your photos and videos stand out. As we are in the 21st century, most of us carry a camera of some sort with us at most times of the day, particularly since the introduction of HD smartphones at affordable prices. When you are taking efforts to get out of the town for a while, your dedicated device pays dividends for capturing those moments. Before heading out, rather than buying a new equipment at the last minute, get an equipment few weeks beforehand, so that you have got enough time to get used to it. Also, get to know the advantages and disadvantages and make sure that it is fit for the purpose. Here are few basic thumb rules you should adopt to make your memories last forever:

  1. When you are out for long periods, remember to keep an eye on battery levels and memory space that is left. If you have not packed spares, then ration it so you have got some left when you reach your ultimate destination.
  2. The weather is a significant factor in the snaps. You are going to be getting to work with the light and air quality to enhance your picture. With relatively clean and dry air, you are more likely to get sharp images and best clarity.
  3. Adding effects, such as mud splatter, are better in post-production when comfortable at home. They should not be part of every shot you take. It is essential to keep the lens clean, therefore, check it before each shot.
  4. When shooting videos, keep a wide-angle lens, as it will let you appreciate the scale & grandeur of the surroundings when you are reviewing them later. That is not to say you should not zoom sporadically.
  5. If you are outside in an open/ cavernous space, then put a little bit of fur over the mic on the camera. This will help to cut through the wind noise echoes. Also, make sure that your hand is not placed over mic as it may block the audio.
  6. The truth is you should really film when you least feel it. For example, when it is too dangerous, or you feel too cold, or you are all exhausted. Always remember that it only takes a few seconds to turn on a camera and the output can be priceless.
  7. Always, make sure that you are recording when you think/wish you are. Double check if necessary, because, you will only be kicking yourself later if you miss that moment you have climbed/walked all that way.
  8. If you are doing something really exciting, then think of different ways to capture the excitement and exactly how you remember it has happened. Helmet cams are better for gnarly activity as they let you view the bits you missed while you closed your eyes!