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If you view back at the history of photography, you will find that photos are meant to be seen and to be shared. Everyone takes lots of photos when travelling especially on any holiday vacation or when meeting someone or a celebration. On a single week vacation, you may come with over thousand photos. How do you save & share all of that content? Fortunately, there are several tools at a person’s disposal for helping them to spread and share their photos.

Instagram and twitter

Services like Instagram are ubiquitous among smartphone and iPhone users. With the ability to take a snap on every handheld device, you can even share that great moment with just a few extra clicks. Nowadays, you can use your smartphone to take a photo and upload it instantly to multiple online services for immediate and easy sharing. With a real-time aspect of the social networks combined with easy and accessible internet access all over the world, it is easy for you to share every moment with your friends, family and even followers.

Instagram allows its users to add instantly filters & share their photos as soon as it is taken. Since, so many social networks are inter-linked; posting a photo in Instagram could easily and automatically send it to your personal Facebook & twitter networks. Therefore, a quick photo that you snapped of yourself in front of the world wonders becomes immediately available to all the people with whom you are connected online. It is better than having to make your friends sit down to show an album or some tricked out slideshows on your MacBook.

Tumblr or Posterous

Microblogging platforms such as Tumblr & Posterous allow its users to upload quickly photos that can be instantly available to their followers. With all the social media being increasingly dependent upon live updates, microblogging sites including Twitter are one of the greatest ways to keep family & friends updated on you. They also have space for comments & feedback (along the lines of “like” button). If you are a photographer, then instant feedback & comments on your photos can be both a lifesaver and burden.

Facebook, Flickr and Picasa

With recent update and redesign of Facebook, the way photos are displayed on the site has greatly improved. With a much more design of photo-friendly user experience on Facebook & google+ (tied in with Picasa), it is easier to view the recent photos of your friends. The trend in social media has been increasingly focusing on larger photos that appear directly in the live feed. Therefore, uploading your photos in any of these social networks not only makes your photos more accessible, but they are presented in a more visual way enhancing the user experience.

How to Share Photos?

Phone or not, having an easily accessible device that has instant connectivity to the internet makes the photo sharing easier. With numerous apps developed for this explicit purpose, everyone can share their experience easily. Native in-phone apps on iPhone, Blackberry, and some smartphones always allow you almost to share a photo from simple cameras.