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Streaming services is a source of entertainment streamed across the internet. Streaming is the sending of compressed audio or video data across the internet and played immediately. There are many forms of streaming services which can be done online for various reasons.

Streaming services allows one to listen to live music or watch a video in real time rather than downloading the file to ones’ computer or handheld device, to watch them later. With the advantage of a good internet speed, one can watch and enjoy the live videos, music or any other events live for that matter. Streaming services were started as an add-on to digital downloads and Dvd’s. There are huge changes coming to the streaming services nowadays. Many TV channels and musical services are getting together to provide a complete streaming experience.

Streaming services types

Streaming services are a dozen in number these days. To name a few famous ones

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Hulu
  • Sling TV
  • You Tube TV
  • PlayStation Vue


Streaming services are a huge variety among which Netflix is a unique one. Netflix streaming service makes movies and TV soaps or shows available for their subscribers. Netflix is a streaming service which has a unique feature of allowing its viewers to watch videos shows and movies without a single commercial interruption.


Streaming service such as Netflix allows for the cheapest base subscription while being tied with Hulu. Netflix gains more in competition to its counterparts by not charging extra fare for removing advertisements.


Netflix has a major impact on its subscribers, because the subscribers need to wait longer times for loading fresh episodes online live.

Amazon Prime Video

Streaming service such as the Amazon Prime Video comes as an inclusion for subscribers who are already Prime members. A basic Amazon Prime Video subscription for video service alone comes to $8.99 per month.


Amazon Prime Video has a huge variety of titles to choose from.


Using Amazon Prime Video streaming service one can stream in only two devices simultaneously. Also the members cannot personalize the subscription because multiple accounts cannot be created under the same subscription.


Streaming service such as Hulu allows access to its own plans for rates lesser than $10 monthly. Also, the Hulu streaming service members can have access to the Hulu with Live TV plan for $39.99 a month.This has a feature of allowing more channels. With Hulu, their customers can view streaming on two devices at the same time. Streaming service such as Hulu provides many add-ons like unlimited screens, no commercials and cloud DVR.


Streaming service like Hulu allows the members to select a maximum of six profiles in a single subscription. Also, if viewers are watching a current season episode, they need not wait long for next episode, as they are aired the next day.


Streaming services like Hulu also has some downs. The unlimited screen access comes at some extra charge only, it’s not for free.One of the biggest drawbacks of Hulu Streaming service is that it does not allow offline viewing of videos.

Sling TV

Streaming service such as Sling TVprovides Sling Orange, the basic plan for $20. Viewers can watch more than 25 channels for this plan. Sling Blue allows viewers to watch more than 50 channels for an extra $5 per month. For $40 per month, viewers can watch more channels with the Sling Orange and Sling Blue combined.   


Streaming service like Sling TV provides its customers with many add-ons. The packages can be chosen based on their regional language.


Streaming service such a Sling TV is quite similar to Hulu on the lower side because Sling TV too does not allow offline viewing to its members.

You Tube TV

You Tube TVis a Streaming service which provides a monthly plan for $40.


Streaming service such as You Tube TV provides many channels than any other streaming service, covering over 50 network plus local news and sports channels. You Tube TV allows to save the recorded programs for up to nine months, while few other streaming services allows for only up to one month.


You Tube streaming service has various advantages, still it has its dark side. Many You Tube TV programs shows advertisements. Also one has to pay a huge amount for variety of program options.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is a Streaming service where the members are offered more than 40 channels of popular live TV with Access plan for $39.99 monthly.


Streaming service like PlayStation Vue allows users to watch on up to five devices simultaneously. In PlayStation Vue, the subscribers can purchase the channel add-ons by themselves without any subscription.


In Streaming service such as PlayStation Vue, storage gets deleted within 28 days. Also it has the most expensive plans.