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Your wedding photos & video are the records of the laughs, hugs, tears, and toasts that take place throughout the day. Here is a brief list of everything you need to know to hire the right shooters.

Do We Need To Book A Photographer & A Videographer?

Photographers must always be on a must-hire list, whereas videographers are considered less of a priority sometimes. Although your photographer can immortalize much of your auspicious day, think of the sounds that cannot be captured in a photo, like your vows, the toasts, the reception music, and many more. Therefore, if your budget allows for both of them, it is worth the investment.

How to Find Good Shooters?

Start your search by asking friends & relations for recommendations. An approval from someone you know is one of the most reliable ways to find your photographer & videographer. Get to see the already done works of the shooters. The sample photos and clips will obviously be the best. Therefore, it might be tough to judge their skill from these highlights. Also, check the photographer’s & videographer’s blog. It is an excellent way to gauge their talent, and monitor the way they approach their art.

What Is Better: Film Or Digital?

Although few purists may never stray from the film photography, digital has more or less caught up in the image quality terms. People with a trained eye can spot the difference between the print taken with a digital camera from the one shot with film. Another major advantage for digital is that it is easier to make copies of the photos, and quickly archive all the digital prints on a disc.

Should We Make A Must-Shoot List?

Do not worry about reminding your photo & video pros to capture the classic scenes such as the cake cutting and your first dance. The only thing you should give a heads up about is the key people to shoot such as the ring bearer and unique detail or any tradition that you are going to include in your wedding.

Any New Wedding Photo and Video Trends?

There is definitely a sweeping change in the art of photography especially wedding. “Trash the dress” photo sessions and boudoir photography are all the rage. Going digital has also aided some photographers push the envelope as they can try out different angle or lens and see right away how it came out.

In the case of videography, the most notable advance is upgrading the equipment to shoot in high-definition. Even if you do not have a Blu-ray player now, your wedding videos can be archived in High-Def so that you will be able to view it in HD when you invest in the new technology.