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Whether you have already decided on a videographer or still unsure about it, here are some advances in video, which will help convince you that it is a wedding essential. Your photographer will snap pictures to preserve the moment, but they are only a memory unless you record it on film. Wedding videography catches the sights & the sounds of your auspicious day, portraying the day’s emotion and evoking a feeling. Your videographer is bound to capture something you missed.

The Digital Revolution

Digital video is virtually the highest quality video format that currently exists. One of its benefits is that you can get super-high resolution on your dvd. Also, the quality will remain no matter how many copies you burn. Using this advantage, you can send discs to people who were not able to attend as well as to your family & friends along with a thank-you note. Remember, their versions will be good as the original copy. But the drawback in this high- definition wedding videography is the cost. Since the videographers need new cameras and devices; they reflect their investment in the price.

The Subtle Factor

In the past, several brides bristled at the thought of an obtrusive, gear-laden camera man following them along all day. But new technology means that today’s videographer is much of a fly-on-the-wall presence compared to the past. New cameras are designed Chennai Event Management, so that they are well suited for shooting in low light & do not require any bright spotlights.

The Sound Check

Nowadays, many chennai wedding videographers use a wireless mic during the ceremony. It is hidden discreetly under the groom’s boutonniere with a tiny pack that acts as the transmitter & clips onto the back of the waistband under his jacket. Since the mic is small and black, you will never see it in his tux.

The New Angles

It has become much easier to get creative with editing option because it also became simpler to shoot from unexpected angles. There is no need to plunk a camera on a tripod and let it roll. Innovations such as attaching a camera to a pole that can rotate 360 degrees and extend upto 23 feet means you can have a shot starting on a close-up of your centerpiece and circling all the way around the table.

Filmic Techniques

Today’s wedding videographers in Chennai often use filmic techniques such as flowing compositions, wide-screen shots, and dramatic music to make the wedding video even more dynamic. Effects, which were once prohibitively expensive, are now more easily accessible, thereby, making the wedding videos feel more like feature films than simple home videos, that is just perfect for your extraordinary nuptials.