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Weddings are a big deal as far as Indians are concerned. In India, marriages take almost a month of preparation and 6 months of formalities. Keeping everything in mind is extremely difficult as Indian marriages are mostly Hindu marriages as the majority of the population is Hindu. Christian, Sikh, Muslims and Jains and other religion marriages also take place quite repeatedly. With time and rise in technology, marriage videography and photography have been an integral part of marriages. We can’t technically think about a wedding without the bride, groom and food and of course, photographs.

The wedding live webcasting, popularly known as the wed casting culture is slowly but steadily getting popularity in India and you should be aware of everything, which would be going to happen if you avail it. A lot of things must not be remembered but as a whole, some tips might find you in a good position. They are from where you wouldn’t be having any problem regarding the live streaming and webcasting of the marriage.

Tips to remember…

  • Always keep your options open as far as the companies are concerned as the rates are obviously different for different companies. The more the options are, the clearer the picture becomes in front of your eyes. Compare the various features and benefits of various companies and then decide.
  • Try to go for 720p picture quality as because it is the perfect and most balanced quality you can ever come across. 1080p is not supported by some portals and 480p is not worth the effort!
  • If possible go for the photographer and the video shooters from the streaming company itself because of the fact that by doing so it will save you some money and most importantly a lot of time. The clubbed packages as offered by these companies are a treat to you and you must welcome that.
  • Give them the list of things which you want to be there in your live streams. For example if you want an aerial shot of the wedding premises, tell them that beforehand as because during the shoot you might not get a chance to see these things yourself.
    Factors to consider before you get a live streaming procedure
  • Money- you must be thorough with your budget as because you need money for the primary things in a marriage and these things can come later on.
  • Time- the season also has to be kept in mind as because during heavy winters, live streaming gets affected because of the line failures in the hilly areas.

These are few of the tips and factors, which can be kept in mind while obtaining live streaming services for your wedding to avoid unwanted issues.