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There is so much to give thought when embarking on the wedding photography world. Starting from the images that you click, right through to the style in which you are planning to present these images to the client. Do not underestimate how much is involved in taking photographs in a wedding from start to finish & the responsibility that you possess to the bride & groom to get it right. You get only one chance to capture every precious moment, the irreplaceable moments that the happy couple & their family will treasure for a lifetime, so it is important to be prepared and organized.
Gaining experience, wherever possible and as much as you can and from those who you admire is the primary key to this. You can try buying bridal magazines and create a scrapbook of the inspiring images, as it will form the backbone of your style as a photographer.


Preparing for wedding shoots start several months before the event. Make sure that your equipment is ready for action & functioning properly. If possible, have a second camera. Also, make sure that it is ready to be used when required. Service frequently and look after your equipment as it is the fundamental to the success of capturing beautiful images.


If the wedding venue is over an hour away, then always reach the site the night before. If the wedding is based in two locations, try to visit both the venues beforehand so that you are familiar with the route. Have a structure; select at least three locations inside and outside the reception venue and stick to them when taking pictures of the bride and groom. Take as many shots of them alone as possible before the guests arrive. This is because, as soon as the guests arrive, the couples will naturally want to spend some time with them.

On The Wedding Day

The Bride

Get there earlier than you informed as you might sometimes need to be the pace marker. Capture right from the flowers in the floral box, wedding gown, shoes, bouquet, the gift she might have received from the groom, the bridesmaids’ dresses and all the romance of the day.

The Groom

Try to capture images of the groom in some flattering locations, head for top shade, whether it is the church door, or in an archway or woodland area near the church grounds. But keep it simple. If you consider the church door/ or the archway as the perfect location for background, light source, and appeal, then stick to it. Also, ensure to get some great shots of the groom with his parents, ushers, and friends as they arrive.

The Arrival

As soon the car arrives, be ready to capture the glances between the bride & her father, and even the giggles of the bridesmaids. Shoot the whole scene as a bride enters the church.

The Church

As soon as you are inside the church, check the settings of the camera in relation to the ornate light, take stock for a second and capture as much as you are allowed. An image that means so much to the bride & groom is them walking down the aisle after being married.
When the bride & groom step into the church grounds after being wedded, encourage them away from the church front so that you prevent a line-up, which would delay the wedding day completely.

Designing the Album

And finally, ensure to allocate the right level of album design time as these are the greatest moments, where the joy of designing an album starts. Give yourself a plenty of time, as it is the most visual statement your business will have and it cannot be rushed.

It is what make people book you in the future. It is an important reference point in the first place. Imagine the number of persons the couple is going to share the album with, from work, family to best friends. That’s why the design time you give yourself is very important. It is essential for your own development & progress, as a photographer.