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Not all wedding videos are created equal. In order to prove it, we rounded up ten of the most favorite new wedding videography ideas. Check out and find a videographer to create one like this for you.

A Cinematic Wedding Video

Mix of color and black & white footage adds glamor to this timeless film style. Formal but without feeling stuffy, a cinematic style of wedding video records every detail from virtually every angle.

A Documentary-Style Wedding Video

The mix of sweeping artistic angles & sound bites from your wedding day such as toast is the best way to convey what it was like to be at your wedding.

A Love Story Interview Wedding Video

It is the best way to preserve your love story especially in your own words. Share how you both met, how your partner proposed, or simply just the excitement you feel inside as your wedding day draws closer.

A Mixed-Media Wedding Video

Sometimes a single film style is not enough. Some videographers give this option of mixing different formats to create a combination of documentary, grainy super 8, and cinematic style videography. The best part in this is that most of the effects is/ can be done post-wedding in the edit.

A Movie-Inspired Save-The-Date Video

Try to base the save-the-date video off of any popular/ your favorite movie style for a personalized look. With a good-quality video camera and a little bit knowledge of editing your videographer or even you can create a short video and post on your wedding website.

A Proposal Video

You may not remember after few years what either of you said when your partner proposed. This is the reason some couples hire a professional videographer to shoot the proposal.

A Same-Day-Edit Video

It is precisely what it sounds. Your videographer will shoot the entire wedding & edit a short video, which you can play to your guests at the reception. You can think of it as an extra yet interactive reception element.

A Stop-Motion Save-The-Date Video

A stop-motion is a chronological arrangement of photos is used for giving the appearance of movie footage. A stop motion wedding/ save-the-date video trend is the perfect mix of vintage and modern.

A Wedding Music Video

You must be brave to request this type of video. You also need to admit that it does not get any more person than this. Additionally, it is an excellent way to make sure all your guests get some camera time on your wedding video.

A Wedding Video Trailer

Ask your videographer to create a shorter version of your wedding video may be two to three minutes to show family and friends on your wedding web page.